What are You Going to Do With Your Life? The #1 Scary Question That Freaks Teens Out!

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It is a little known secret that you will make some of the most important decisions in your life during your teenage and young adult years. Some of these decisions may be related to your attempt to answer the question “What are You Going to Do With Your Life?

How prepared are you to make these big decisions?

It is common during that time to be asking yourself how you are going to spend the rest of your life or more aptly put “What are you going to do with your life”?

The best way to answer it is by first rephrasing it into a more manageable form. You should ask yourself what you are going to do with your time.

That question is more important and an infinitely better question because it allows you to take action rather than sit on the couch all day binging on TV shows.

Making money is essential because it allows you to have more freedom over your decisions and hence an action that generates income is very impactful. You can also start cultivating wealth from a very young age and learn how to grow your portfolios and achieve financial freedom even before late adulthood.

So, what are you going to do with your life? Are you ready to hustle? So if you don’t know what hustling is perhaps we should define it first:

Any hobby can be developed into a side hustle
Any hobby can be developed into a side hustle

What is Hustling?

Depending on who you ask, you will get numerous definitions for the word hustling.

There are those who say that it is using motivation and sheer power to motivate yourself to remain focused on a single goal. Others will tell you that it is to always push forward.

One thing, however, is common amongst all hustlers. They do not wait for things to happen to them but take action to change the situation. By this reasoning, learning how to hustle becomes essential to answering the question of what you are going to do with your life:

So now that you know what hustling is, here are some of the qualities that can make you better at hustling;

  • A helpful spirit. You have to avoid thinking that to be successful as a hustler you need to deceive, coerce, trick, rip off, or manipulate people. Such strategies can never offer long-term success. Instead, you should focus on being helpful, caring, and a provider of innovative or valuable solutions to your friends, family, classmates, teammates etc
  • Ability to win friends. While healthy competition does not hurt, it is repulsive to view the world solely from as a dog-eat-dog society where competitors need to be crushed. Aim to instead have solid networks with like-minded friends and mentors
  • Ability to Focus and eliminate distractions. You should identify the activities that waste your time the most without offering any meaningful rewards. The next step then is to have means of limiting them in order to succeed as a hustler

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what are you going to do with your life

Ways Teens Can Make Money

If you are resilient and capable of thinking on your feet, you can make money easily even with the job market being harsh to teenagers. The following are some ideas on “Ways to hustle” that can help you with some answers to that nagging question of “What are  you going to do with your life”;

  1. Doing odd jobs. There are numerous odd jobs that require minimal skills and no learning curve. The most common include babysitting, yard work, running errands for the elderly, household chores, and tutoring younger kids
  2. Working online. Online jobs require some skills that you may have to learn or perfect but you will do fine once you master the work. The tasks you can do include selling stock photos, freelancing, running errands for mobile apps, taking surveys, and starting a YouTube channel
  3. Selling household items and crafts. Even when you do not own a lot of stuff that you can sell you can ask around from friends and family if they have things they want to dispose of. You can also make your own crafts at home if you are artistic. Then, post the items online and wait for orders

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Ways to Make Money Over the Summer

If you are concerned about what you are going to be doing with the rest of your life you can begin by getting yourself busy during the holidays.

This is because such gives you a chance to learn numerous hustling ideas and prepare you for adulthood. You also learn how to manage your time and money as you get it which is a lesson that will be very handy in future.

The most practical means to make money over the summer is by getting a part-time job.

The service industry offers the biggest potential for employment when you need a safe place to earn money consistently.

Getting a summer job could be a good way to start learning to take responsibility and manage your life
Getting a summer job could be a good way to start learning to take responsibility and manage your life

You can work at food-service establishments as a server, dishwasher, or even a delivery person for things like pizza.

If you are great at sales you could sell newspapers, movie tickets, or become a salesperson for a retail or grocery store. Other opportunities include being a golf caddy or a valet among others.

Making money over the summer can be comfortable as the holidays tend to be long. This is especially true if you get to do something that you enjoy and do effortlessly.

You can also experiment with various things until you find something that you love doing and can do for a long period.

You should, nonetheless, do a good job anywhere you get an opportunity as that is how you begin to build a stellar resume for yourself. You might be surprised when some of the professional networks you create during the summer holidays come in handy in your future career endeavours.

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Ways to Make Money Over the Weekend

Besides making money during the summer, the next best place to make money is over the weekend at home. That could be quite a simple step getting started with answering “What are you going to do with your life” question.

You can find out if your parents or the elderly in your neighbourhood have some errands they can pay you to run for them. You can also handle odd jobs like washing cars, yard work, housecleaning, and collecting dog poop.

Weekend job
Getting a weekend job could be a fun and exciting way to start planning for the future

If you are into sitting pets or babies, you can find out the people that need such services within your neighbourhood or ask people to spread the word about your services.

The other kinds of ways to make money include stuff you can easily do at home when you are free such as selling items on eCommerce stores.

You can make a blog and monetize it once it has generated great traffic as well or freelance over the internet.

If you are a creative person you can create music, videos, or other types of content and monetize them. Look for platforms that can pay you for your craft and not those that merely want to use your art for free.

After all, what is hustling without generation of income anyways?

One advice though: You should plan your time in a flexible manner and ensure that you are free to handle the work you get.

Learn from doing so as to be able to get repeat jobs and new clients especially when you do a great job. Also, improve your communication skills along the way to improve your entrepreneurial prowess. The sky will be your limit!

Life is about making tough decisions
Tackling the question of what to do with your life need not be a daunting challenge

Conclusion: What are you Going To Do With Your Life?

The question “What you are going to do with your life?” is ultimately up to you to answer as no one is best placed to answer it.

Starting early to prepare for the life ahead helps a great deal to put you at ease to face life challenges.

Cultivating a work ethic is one of the ways to ensure that you are always ready to handle various jobs and get paid. You also learn to cultivate a hustling spirit which you will ultimately need in any engagement you will have in future.

There are numerous hustling ideas you can try out as long as you are innovative and keen to learn from failure.

When considering a hustling idea, go for those that you can comfortably handle in your free time and on weekends or holidays.

This way you can avoid getting overstretched when you have other tasks such as school work to handle and maintain efficiency.

We would love to hear from you. Have you also battled with the question “What are you going to do with your life” before?

Were you scared? How did you deal with it? Feel free to share your experience using the comments below.

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