Where Can I Sell Homemade Food Online? Best and Easiest Places!

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In this particular climate we’re finding ourselves in during 2020 – and beyond, a job for life is seeming less and less secure, so many of us are wondering if we can make a living on our own terms.

With the food industry on the rise, hitting record highs on socials such as Pinterest, it’s hardly surprising some fledgeling entrepreneurs are looking for a low cost, creative online food business.

You might have been making delicious brownies for school events, your neighbors, and friends with some amazing results! Or maybe you made a birthday cake for a friend of a friend and you’ve never looked back!

Whatever kind of foody skill you have, you could be wondering where can I sell homemade food online?

Let’s start with the short answer before we get into the delicious details!

Where can you sell homemade food online? Currently, there are a number of ways you can sell homemade food online. Use a website with a shopping cart facility such as WordPress, or for those lacking in necessary IT skills, you can sell on Facebook, eBay, Shopify, Go-daddy, Yummit and soon to be more available globally, Amazon Fresh.

So now we’ve whetted your appetite for getting your own food empire up and running, so we can better understand where you can sell homemade food online, let’s start by looking at whether creating your own website is a good place to start.

So now we’ve whetted your appetite for getting your own food empire up and running, so we can better understand where you can sell homemade food online, let’s start by looking at whether creating your own website is a good place to start.

So you might be wondering whether you can simply go ahead and build your own website to sell homemade food? Let’s find out.

Can I sell homemade food on my own website?

Many people love the thought of doing something they enjoy and earning a living from it. With home food businesses, often people can feel they don’t have any professional experience or training, and it can be hard to know where to start.

So if you are fairly tech-savvy or someone you can call in has a good handle of WordPress and other web design sites, it might be that you are happy to sell your homemade creations directly from your own store.

Many of the more well-known web hosting offerers such as WordPress enable foody entrepreneurs to set up a cart from which to sell their food creations.

Here are some other sites similar to WordPress or more commonly known as ‘Open Source’.

● WooCommerce
● Volusion
● Magento
● BigCommerce

However, not everyone can include basic coding and a degree of IT know-how in their arsenal! So is there a less technical way of bringing your tasty made with love new homemade food brand to the online world?

Let’s find out.

Are there any ready-made stores where I can stock my handmade foods?

So building your own website back in the day used to be one of the only ways you could launch your new online business.

Since the inception of Shopify in 2006 when founders Lütke, Lake, and Weinand officially launched Shopify as a set of tools merchants could use to build their own sites, Shopify is a place where those without advanced web building skills could stock their own goods, including handmade goodies.

Are there other stores similar to Shopify where I can sell homemade goods?

Along with Shopify, there are other platforms designed to give you a head start with your own websites, which take some of the headaches out of the techy side of things.

There is a range of other platforms similar to Shopify:

● Wix
● GoDaddy
● Squarespace
● Weebly
● SITE123

Take a look at each one to find out how they fit with your particular skill set or those in your team.

So you might now be wondering other than Shopify and storefronts like them, where else can I sell my homemade food online?

Let’s find out.

So although Shopify is one of the most well known online stores where food creatives can show off their hand made goods, there are some sites which have been specifically set up for amateur chefs to get seen by their customers and make money from their own kitchens.

Where else can I sell my homemade food online?

With Fresh dumplings, naan bread, spring rolls, and even homemade dog food all for sale on Facebook Marketplace recently, many handmade food sellers are launching their new ideas on social audiences.

eBay, Facebook, Yummit, and Amazon Pantry can be great platforms for getting your freshly made goods out to a wider audience.


Using a global platform such as eBay,  you can be sure of getting a good footfall to your products. Let’s take a look at some of the important factors you will need to adhere to if you decide to use eBay as an online handmade food selling platform.

When listing food items that are allowed, sellers must:

  • Ensure food items are properly packaged and stored safely
  • Clearly state the expiration date in the item description
  • State how perishable items will be delivered, and ensure they are delivered to the buyer before the expiration date


According to experts, Facebook was rocking with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020 and is the biggest social network across the globe.

So with such a huge audience at your disposal, it’s hardly surprising their marketplace has the potential to propel your handmade food business through the roof!

However, as with every online platform, there is important legislation to follow to keep you compliant.

According to an Australian news report earlier this year, it’s perfectly ok to sell homemade food on Facebook, as long as you make sure customers ask to see their food license before commuting to buy.

Lydia Buchtman, communication director of the Food Safety Information Council in Queensland had this to say.

It's simple if you sell food you must have a license," she said. She added that it was important that people who are considering buying meals and pre-prepared food on Facebook Marketplace were aware of what to ask those selling the goods.


Yummit was set up by two childhood friends in the U.K. and according to their brand news, they are:

“The marketplace for homemade food.”

Buy or sell fresh home-cooked meals on-demand, using your phone tablet, or computer.

Their mission statement is to totally reinvent takeaway food by providing food cooked by passionate home cooks in their own kitchens across the globe.

Amazon Fresh

The opportunities in eCommerce for grocery are incredible. While the total sales now may be on the low side, the expected growth is a massive opportunity for those selling handmade food items.

Amazon Fresh is currently only available in Seattle but is expected to flourish across the globe as according to The Food Marketing Institute as much as 70% of U.S. consumers will regularly be buying their fresh foods and other groceries online in just 5-7 years.

Amazon Fresh differs from Amazon Pantry, in that you are able to sell perishable items, but require the products to be packaged differently to ensure they are consumed safely.

So it is indeed one to watch! Currently, consumers need to be signed up to Amazon prime in order to benefit from Amazon Fresh.

one of the many shops where you can sell your homemade foods

And finally…

So we hope that’s given you some food for thought and lots of options for how to get your homemade food up and running in front of as many potential fans as you can!

Here at netmoneyhacks.com, our top tip is to not focus on one particular platform, but to make sure you use a combination such as your own website or store, eBay, and of course socials such as Facebook, and don’t forget to take the best images you can to help your customers eat with their eyes!

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