Online Business for Dummies: The 4 Quick & Easy Ideas You Didn’t Know

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Online Business For Dummies

In the digital age, the easiest form of business to start is an online one. This is because all you need is a Smartphone, tablet, or computer if you have one and an internet connection.

There are numerous platforms where you can market your merchandise or services and as such do not have to incur the cost of setting up a website and attracting customers to the site.

You also have the potential to reach millions of customers all over the world. An online business for dummies guide can help you get started.

However, for the business to be a success, you need to roll up your sleeves and put in the work. You also have to know how to make sales and promote your business.

There will be tough times as well along the way and you have to be ambitious enough or have the nerve to carry on just like in any other business. Read on to know how you can succeed in varied types of online businesses.

How to Make Money on Poshmark

Experts suggest that we only regularly wear 20% of our closets and as such it might idea to monetize some of your fashion.

You first need to download the free Poshmark app on your android device or iPhone. Then, take a few pictures of the item and if you want to enhance the pictures, use filters.

Next, fill in the details of your item adding as many descriptive words as possible, and put a price on it to finish. Your item will be listed and wait for a sale after which Poshmark sends you a prepaid and pre-addressed shipping label through email.

You only need to package the item and hand it over at the closest U.S. Postal Service mailbox or arrange for home pickup.

poshmark logo

To sell your items faster and make more sales you should ensure that your pictures are clear and properly lit. You can even consider hiring a professional photographer and styling the items to produce winning photos.

Next, you need to accurately describe the item with size, brand, material, and color among other relevant details all included. You can also discreetly offer discounts to selected customers especially those who buy numerous items or influence people to buy from you.

Lastly, you should disclose any defects that the items have such as wear and tear. Failure to do so may cause the item to be sent back and a refund initiated.

How To Make Money on YouTube Gaming

You can learn how to make money on Poshmark but eCommerce is not the only way to earn online. If you are aYouTube gamingn avid gamer, it may be time to monetize some of the time you spend on that hobby.

You can make money on YouTube showcasing your expertise to fellow gamers. A recent study found that gamers in the world spend an average of 3 hours and 25 minutes per week viewing gaming videos.

That is an incredible statistic considering that the gaming industry is on a lucrative uphill trend.

The outliers in this field include PewDiePie, who has over 91 million subscribers, and his estimated earnings from playing games are 120 million dollars. Two of the five most-subscribed YouTube channels in the world offer gaming content. If you want to make money in this lucrative field, here are some tips you should follow;

  • Have a niche, target, and voice categories. This is important because it determines your value proposition. You could choose to do walkthroughs or guides, humour clips, reviews, Esports, and live-streams among other forms of gaming content
  • Invest in the right equipment. You have to find proper tools that can enable you to produce outstanding content. You first need to access the game, have a camera that records as you play, capture the gameplay with screen record software such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and record clear and crisp sound all along. Additionally, you will need great lighting, intuitive video editing software, and a green screen, at times, to make the video appealing
  • Follow the right steps when posting the video and promote your channel. Start by uploading an HD video and choose titles and keywords that are appropriate. Create capturing custom video thumbnails and offer appealing intros and outros to wow your viewers. Lastly, try out different things to know what works as you start out as it might take some time to build a huge fan base. To promote your channel, rally your friends and family members first for easy traffic

How to Get Paid for Searching the Web

There is nothing better than getting paid for something you already do and when it comes to surfing the internet it may be one of the things you do most with your phone. Here are some of the programs and websites that will pay you to search the web;

Swagbucks. Swagbucks awards you free gift cards in form of points or swag bucks for your online activities. All you need to do is first visit its search page and make it your default search engine on your browser

Bing rewards. Bing from Microsoft is one of Google’s biggest competitors within the search engine market. Their Bing Rewards program earns you credits when you search the web using the search engine or experimenting with other products and services from Microsoft. You only need to start using the search engine to start earning credits and there is a chrome extension as well

Qmee. As per their description, Qmee is an online shopping companion that assists you to get a product that you need, compare prices, get discounted prices, and offer your opinion for cash rewards. It is compatible with other search engines and works in the background to give you relevant results to the left of your page that you can click to save or earn cash

How to Make Money selling online

As you learn how to make money on Poshmark, you also need to teach yourself other forms of eCommerce. This begins by first choosing an eCommerce business model.

The most common include dropshipping, sourcing from wholesalers or manufacturers, or making your own products and selling them. From there you can follow the following steps for a successful online business;

  • Choose what to sell and land suppliers. This is an essential step as you have to consider other factors besides your love for a particular product. You need to weigh its price and profitability, demand, competition, marketing, and sales. Then, you need to select reliable suppliers and contact them for negotiations on a favourable deal
  • Set up the business and choose an online platform to sell on. This is where you decide on a business name and register the enterprise amongst other setup logistics. There are numerous eCommerce platforms and you have to decide on the one that suits your needs
  • Product fulfilment. This involves figuring out the best shipping methods for the items to reach your buyers. Then focus on retaining your current buyers and attract new ones to build loyal customers

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In the digital age, it is easy to generate income from any of the numerous business options available over the internet. You can, for instance, figure out how to make money on Poshmark which deals with secondhand fashion items.

This is just one of the ways to make money selling online. Another way to make a lot of money online is by making custom gaming videos on YouTube and monetizing your channel when you generate massive traffic. However, if you just want something with the least effort but still generates money, you should study on how to make money browsing the internet.

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