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Internet Marketing / the Make Money Online niche is particularly interesting for the simplicity of its business model. Furthermore, what really makes this niche thick are the various online marketing resources that are needed for the business.

When I was involved in the brick and mortar business a few years ago,  I had to first source for raw materials, process them to get products which then needed storage. In this particular case it wasn’t just simple storage I needed -I also needed refrigerated storage. Thereafter I then needed to sell and once sale was done, it needed delivery. Again, due to the type of product it also needed very specific logistics to deliver the products to the clients before waiting for an agreed period before payment was eventually received.

So you can now contrast this very long and tedious process described above with the Internet Marketing Business where digital products are sold and the whole process of ordering, delivery and payment are automated and instant -saving you so much in time, efforts and money.

But notice that while a lot has been said about the simplicity of the Internet Marketing business, not much credit is given to the different tools that make this possible. In fact no Internet business would exist without the right tools to pursue the business.

From tools to build great websites, landing pages (see a review of 9 Top landing page and sales funnel software here), hosting and allied services, content creation and other related activities to others for traffic generation or lacing ads to get paid traffic. There are always tools that simplify this business and make it less arduous. Some of these online marketing resources are paid while others are free.

However for new comers to online marketing, the challenge is normally knowing which of the tools to use as they lack knowledge of their existence and experience using it. It therefore behooves on us to share knowledge of these tools and resources as well as our experience using them for the benefit of all.

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Anyone starting Internet marketing would need to collect emails from your customers for email marketing as soon as you get customers. You can read our step by step email marketing guide here, So you would need a great Email autoresponder from day one.

For that reason here is our recommendation for an email autoresponder of choice – Constant Contact. Why don’t you click on the Try It Free button below to get started?

You can also read more about the awesome features and benefits as well as the experiences from satisfied vibrant user community from our recent post here.

Help grow your audience with Constant Contact email marketing

While some say the days of focusing on the website is base for internet marketing gone, that doesn’t seem to be the case from experience all around. So websites would still need to be built and so domain names and hosting services will still be required for a long time. So which are the best hosting companies? Which are the best sources for domain registrations? These are the many questions we try to answer one way of the other as best as we can.

So find below some of these tools and resources that can get you started in identifying some of the best resources for your online business. We will update these pages from time to time to reflect new products as we discover them

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