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People everywhere are looking for alternative sources of income after the massive layoffs that have occurred since the beginning of the year.

Many of them are looking to the internet as the next place to source for income.

This has occasioned creating this online income reviews.

The internet has taken over the world and changed almost every aspect of life as we know it.

This has led to certain traditional barriers being broken including how people transact and earn money. It is now possible to earn income online either as a secondary stream to supplement your paycheck or as the main source of income.

However, you have to be keen as there are scams all over as well as people looking to con you rather than give you legitimate opportunities to earn money.

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Beware of online scams

Beware! Many fake schemes exist just to scam you

One of the best ways to ensure that you do not fall for scams is to stay on the lookout for fake online earning schemes.

Seek to find out how any website promises to compensate you and what you have to part with.

Gauge the practicality of their business models and check their reviews to know if they are truly legitimate.

Also, approach digital income systems gradually and build on to earn more. It is difficult to earn a large amount fast through digital income systems. The following are the proven ways to earn money online;

 Online Income Reviews -Ways To Earn Money

In this online income review, we will be showing you there are definitely legitimate ways to make money online. Take for example this Youtube Video showing a number of ways to Make Money And Passive Income Online

YouTube banner of a video on 10 legit ways to make money online
Some of the legit ways of making money online
  1. Selling products digitally. You can do this either through dropshipping or a direct-to-consumer business model.if you cannot maintain your own stock and need a third party to ship in the goods for you dropshipping is the best strategy.Ecommerce is a huge and growing industry that research suggests will make up 22% of global retail sales by 2023 and you can get your share of the cake by starting an online store.Some of the platforms where you can set up a digital shop include Shopify, eBay, and Etsy
  2. Publish and monetize online content. When you do online publishing, you seek to create an audience that can take value from the content that you generate and post on your website.The main avenues you can use to monetize your website include affiliate marketing, display advertising, and posting sponsored content.

    In affiliate marketing, you promote products on your website with purchase links and earn a commission when someone who clicked a link from your website makes a purchase.

    Display advertising works through banner ads displayed on your website and you are paid for every visitor who sees or clicks. For sponsored content, advertisers pay you to run stories on your website

  3. Work as a digital freelancer. In freelancing, you become a self-employed professional. This means that you work for yourself in fields such as copywriting, designing, and being a virtual assistant.You bid and work on gigs from clients you can source at platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. Some other sites pay you to take surveys or contribute to forums by giving your thoughts on topics and questions posted.
  4. Renting out Assets. We live in the age of peer-to-peer lending and this stretches to numerous things apart from money.Consumers are eager to try out modern consumerism alternatives enabled by technology starting from things like apartments to luxury items and electronics.One of the most popular rental platforms nowadays is Airbnb where you can rent out your house or a few rooms
  5. Write your own books and self-publish. Amazon has made it incredibly easy today to self-publish your own books.Amazon allows millions of people from all over the world to access your eBook and you can start earning passive income right away
  6. Teach a class digitally. You can convert your passion or expert knowledge of any particular subject into money by teaching other people online.Udemy is one of the platforms where you can post your online courses and leave them to handle the marketing bit.You could also rely on a loyal following from your blog or YouTube channel that you can monetize via ad revenue and charge for awarding certificates.There are also consistent platforms you can register as an online tutor which requires you to have certifications such as a TEFL
  7. Offer online consultations. Consulting generally involves offering expert advice to clients. It works in a professional setting and is one of the largest global markets as its value exceeds $250B.You can give advice on anything you are vastly knowledgeable and experienced in using online video calls

What Does Residual Income Mean?

Income generally refers to the monetary compensation an individual or company receives when they offer a particular service or after having made an investment.

Residual income is a calculation that helps you identify how much discretionary money you are left with after fulfilling financial obligations.

It is a form of passive income as you can earn it with minimal active effort. When you work online, residual income can refer to the income stream that brings you money even as you sleep or do other unrelated tasks.

Banner explaining residual income

The recurring income normally comes after you have invested plenty of time, effort, and money at times into a project to get paid months or years after you finish.

The most common forms of residual income in digital work are affiliate links, subscriptions, donations, or advertisements from your blog or website.

Residual Income vs. ROI


Return on Investment (ROI) is mainly a ratio used to calculate the rate of return of the investment made in any particular project.

It measures the profitability and effectiveness of any project.

You can calculate it by dividing the total costs a project incurs by the total profits you expect it to rake in.

On the other hand, you can calculate residual income by subtracting the equity needed for the project and the cost of capital from the project’s net income.

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What Does Source of Income Mean?

The source of income mainly refers to where your money comes from.

If you have a job, then that is your source of income. If you depend on benefits or grants, they are your source of income.

If you have made investments such as bonds or rental property and shares, they are your source of income. If you have money in the bank that provides you with interest, that is your source of income which can be termed as interest payments.

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From these online income reviews, you can see that the advancement of the internet allows you to make money online in the comfort of any place you choose to be.

This mainly works by you relying on your skills or knowledge to teach, write, train, make videos, or design websites among other jobs.

However, you need to be on the lookout for scams looking to con you through schemes that appear too easy and fast to make money with.

It is generally ideal to research an online company first before thinking of working for them. The best kind of online income is residual income where your past projects earn you recurring money for months or years to come.

You, nonetheless, need to calculate your return on investment and the total residual income you expect to know if a particular project is worth the investment you will make.

What are your experiences relating to doing business online? Have you had any encounters with people attempting to scam you?  Please share using the comments section below.

We love your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do you still need to provide your social security number for online work?

    Some websites will ask for your social security number and you will still have to pay taxes for any income above $600

  2. How do you get paid for online jobs?

    Most online companies pay through PayPal and there are fees involved to withdraw

  3. Do you have to pay to get online jobs?

    Legitimate online companies won’t require a fee to give you work

  4. How much money can you really make working online?

    It all depends on your skills and dedication. There are numerous people earning hundreds of dollars per day especially the seasoned online workers

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