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Working moms set the rules rather than live by certain set bars. 70% of single working mothers raise kids under the age of 18 while still working and, amongst them, 75% are full-time workers.
This means that you do not have to feel contained but rather discover how to find work that best suits your situation as a mom.
As a parent, you need to work in a manner that still allows you to meet the expectations of your demanding life. The most convenient way that you can do such is by working from home.
When a single mom needs money, the sooner she can figure out how to make this money the better.

What to Do After Being a Stay at Home Single Mom


 There are numerous ways to make money from home which fit into your lifestyle as a mom.
The majority of the ways require you to use a computer and have internet access. However, you do not have to get additional schooling and the majority of the ideas require minimal to zero startup capital.
The additional benefits include making money while still wearing your yoga pants or playing with your children if you manage to hack passive income.
Some of the work from ideas you should try out include;

  1. Joining the sharing industry. The “sharing economy” has grown exponentially in the last few years and it all works through borrowing or renting of services and goods. One of the ways is putting that spare bedroom up on Airbnb as a bed and breakfast service, which is very lucrative if tourists frequent your area. Other ideas include getting paid to pet-sit on sites like Dog-Vacay, running errands such as collecting clutter for other people on Taskrabbit, and renting out your car on TURO.
  2. Being crafty. Etsy is one of the biggest marketplaces for homemade and artistic items. You can make unique candles, plates, blankets, and aprons, and numerous other items and put them up for sale. Etsy just charges a commission when you post and after you sell and you get you money via Paypal.
  3. Selling and reselling items. If you are great at finding great items at thrift stores you could make money by reselling the items. All you need to do is set up an account at an online shop like eBay and start selling the merchandise.
  4. Blogging. If you love to tell stories or share ideas and tips about anything blogging could allow you to make money off such a passion. There are numerous publishing platforms where you can set up your blog such as WordPress.
  5. Digital marketing. This is great if you are already well-versed with marketing. You can put your skills into practice online by helping small businesses promote themselves digitally. They include businesses that do not have large budgets to hire big marketing firms but still need the exposure  

How to Make Money While Pregnant

Being pregnant is no barrier to your ability to make money

When you are pregnant you no longer have the pleasure of moving around excessively or carrying heavy objects among other things.
However, this does not mean that your earning-at-home options have been locked out. There are still numerous activities you can accomplish at your own comfort and manage to bring in some income.
Below is an outline of how much various activities can pay;

  1. Freelancing ($200 per month). This is a great income-generating strategy if you enjoy writing. You can log into sites like Freelancer and become a guest writer for other people’s blogs. There are also numerous activities you can do depending on your skills including accounts, creating websites, content optimization, and many more. 
  2. BestMark ($125 per month). With Bestmark you can secretly schedule shops, mainly car dealerships and auto repairs. The great thing about this kind of work is that you never have to leave the house as you do it all online. 
  3. Usertesting ($120 per month). This is where you review websites and give your insights about what you hate or like and get $10 each time you complete a review. 
  4. Swagbucks ($50 per month). You can earn redeemable Swagbucks when you complete various remote activities such as watching certain video clips or finding free codes. 
  5. Being a Virtual Assistant. This is where you get hired to handle most of the office tasks that require a computer, only that you will be doing the work remotely. You can answer emails, schedule interviews, and appointments, do accounting work, and numerous other tasks

Moms Working for Wealth

When looking to generate wealth while working from home it is ideal for a single mom who needs money to think long term.
This implies looking for income-generating ideas that can continue earning for a long period even without your interference.
They are commonly called passive-income ideas and they include writing a book and self-publishing it or selling photos to stock photography sites to earn from commissions. You have to consider putting in the initial work and invest your time and money to create something great that will earn you money for a long time.

What to Do as a Stay at Home Mom

There are many things stay-at-home moms can do to generate income

The fact that working from home is easy does not mean that you should go in unprepared. When starting out it can be complicated to develop a work-life balance.

The Youtube Video below also explains how to work from home. The following are some of the ways that you can make your experience more pleasurable and also highly profitable;

  • Have a dedicated workspace. This is essential to kick you into a working mood and also ensure that you separate your work from the other general house stuff. If you cannot manage to get a spare room, fix a desk into a corner and bundle all the stuff you use for your work there  
  •  Dress appropriately, if there is a need to. It is generally a great idea to take a shower in the morning to get confidence and the essential readiness to handle the day’s work. Dress well if you have to meet other people either online or physically
  • The small stuff can wait. There is always time to handle some of the chores at home when you are just working in your bedroom. However, such can get you distracted and make you take a lot of time finishing tasks. Avoid stressing over it as well and only do what you can when you have set time to handle house chores
  • Ask for or hire help when the need arises. Whether it is your grandparent or the babysitter, there are numerous individuals that can come in handy at helping you finish your work without glitches. You can, for instance, hire someone to check on the kids as you take most of your time learning a new income-generating activity

The fact that working from home is easy does not mean that you should go in unprepared

Single Mom needs Money Fast 2


Stay at home moms have hectic lifestyles as they try to juggle money, time, and their own sanity, at times.
However, you can use your time wisely and start making money from the comfort of your own home while still raising your children.
There are numerous offline jobs and online gigs you can do even when you are pregnant to improve your family’s income Capacity. The majority of the jobs that are easy to do and more flexible are online and as such you need a computer and an internet connection.
When you have more experience you can try out gigs that generate passive income to generate wealth seamlessly.

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