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Calculating the planned retirement age based on a targeted savings at retirement using the retirement age calculator

Given how much money we currently have in your retirement account and how much we plan to continue to invest we would like to know at what age we can retire. This calculator will create an investment schedule and charts for you to see at what age you can retire.

You also need this calculator if you are just starting to plan for your retirement and you want to decide on how much to save towards your retirement in order to achieve a certain financial goal when you retire.

Use the calculator below by completing it with your own details to find out at what age you can retire based on your projected financial plan.

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Retirement age calculator plan schedule
Retirement age calculator plan chart

Click here to use the retirement savings calculator and see how much you need to start saving and investing monthly if you are to achieve your retirement financial goal.

Click here to use the retirement nest egg calculator and see how much you would have accumulated in your retirement account by the time you retire.

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