HOW TO HACK MONEY – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

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Nearly everyone loves hacks, especially if they involve earning extra money in their spare time. Learning how to hack money is so easy many people ignore it.

But sometimes you may not have spare time to take up a second or even a third job. Be that as it may, there are still several things you do daily that could earn you money.

These are not just mere life hacks. If you are active on Pinterest, you have probably seen several life hacks. You may have even tried one.

True, life hacks are great, but they may not earn you a coin. So, a better alternative to life hacks is money hacks.

In this guide, we will focus on how to make money online. Whether you are looking for a way to accelerate your journey to financial freedom or need some few bucks to spend with friends, these money-making life hacks will help you achieve your goal.

Get Paid to Use Apps or Watch Content

You have your smartphone almost 100% of the time. So, why not turn it into a money-making tool. This money-making life hack is pretty simple to implement.

Simply install and let apps run in the background. Companies are willing to pay you just to know your online behaviour.

Money Talk News has compiled a list of 15 applications that you can earn money with.

Besides apps, you can also review websites. Companies want to know if their sites are user-friendly.

There are platforms such as that pays users to review different websites. The good news is that each review, which usually takes less than 30 minutes, will pay you about $10 through PayPal.

Perhaps the easiest and most fun way to earn money online is to watch movies, shows, and other videos and get paid for that.

The YouTube video below gives you an idea about how to Make Money Online by just WATCHING VIDEOS

Poster of a YouTube Video showing how to make money online by watching videos
You could really make money online by watching videos

 Easy Make Money Hack: Sign-Up Bonuses 

Another free money hack is taking advantage of sign-up bonuses from banks.

Most banks are eager to spend a few coins on you when you open a new account. For the most part, they will ask you to deposit a minimum amount and keep it for a few months.

After that, they will send you the reward. So, if you are shopping for a new bank or have always wanted to park your money in the bank, just open a new account and deposit the required amount. 

How to Hack Money Online Fast and Easy: Become a Survey Participant

A popular way for young people to make money is to fill online surveys.

Research companies are usually looking for new members for their survey panels. These companies are looking for consumer opinions for different products and services.

After you have registered with these firms, they will send you online surveys that you can complete in your spare time. Sometimes, you may be sent poll questions or become part of a discussion group.

List of online survey sites
Completing online surveys is another money hack, InboxPounds, YouGov, Toluna, Branded Surveys, SurveyBods, LifePoints, and Panel Base are a few good ones.

If you want to earn more money taking surveys as well as surfing the web, then you can sign up for Swagbucks. Taking a few minutes filling out the forms can earn you some rewards, which are redeemable as cash or purchase points.

Freelance Writing -Money Making Hack

A clear, flowing writing style will get your message to the intended audience.

Writing is a highly rated skill. In fact, it is ranked second after computer aptitude on the skills that new hires lack.

To be successful with this make money hack, avoid unnecessary words or terminologies that you do not understand. They might complicate your story.

A smart definition of a smart tweet
Smart tweets are more effective

Always think about the value you are offering your customers. You are likely to earn more money if you specialize in an area or industry. There are a number of websites such as, and  you can join as a freelancer and offer different services based on your qualification.

If you are a traveller, you could earn good cash by writing about your travel experiences. To make money from your scribbles, you have to either create a travel blog or sell your content to a publishing platform in that niche.

If you are aggressive and passionate about adventure, you can publish a book about it.

Write an eBook

Speaking of writing, you can earn more money if you can package your ideas into an ebook. This is a great money-making hack if you already have a blog, as you can sell your stuff there.

Even without one, you can publish your work via Kindle. In fact, Kindle has provided a step by step manual on how to write, publish, and market your product.

If you already have a book that has been published in print, you can license it to publish online.

Some authors will allow you to publish their print books online. In this arrangement, the person that does the online publishing will receive a bigger share of the royalties.

Publishing an existing book online can also be a good money hack
Online book publishing is another way to make money online

According to International Living, the author usually receives about 8 – 15% royalties for the rights to publish online. You can also make a one-time payment to get the right to publish online.

If the book is really good and you market the book strategically, you can earn over 100 times the cost of buying the rights. 

On top of this, you can sell your old games and books on Amazon. So, if you still have those pricey textbooks from college and they are still in good condition, you can put it on the platform to earn a few bucks.

If there are any defects on what you are selling, make sure to be upfront about them. Otherwise, you will get negative reviews.

Become a Virtual Assistant

You don’t have to spend years building a profile or amass lots of coding skills to be hired online.

When you are good at something or you are organized and resourceful, most people will hire you as a virtual assistant. In this role, you will earn cash by helping people with different tasks ranging from marketing to customer service.

For instance, if you work in marketing or run a business, you might want to leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But keep in mind that social media users rarely have interests in individuals or companies that clutter their feeds with uninteresting posts or ads.

Bearing this in mind, you should learn to be socially savvy. In other words, learn to use social media to spark ideas or establish your expertise.

Some remote working data

A smart tweet has a discrete piece of message worth sharing and is usually self-contained.

A less effective one will read like an advertisement with no value. For instance, it may say something like this: We are selling delicious chocolate chip cookies this Friday for just $19.99.

If you know how to use a few online tools and platforms, then the fastest way to make money is to offer a service or skills you have to people in your circle.

Online freelancing or remote working is a viable income source for people of all ages. According to Flexjobs, remote working has grown by over 150% since 2005.

It is expected that remote employees will make up about half of the workforce in the next few years.

Snap and Sell Your Pictures

With the increasing number of smartphones with good cameras and photography apps, you can easily take a good photo and put it for sale to earn some extra cash.

It is one of those real money hacks that can get you fast cash if you know where to sell your photos.

The easiest way to cash on these photos is to sell them to be used as stock photography. Who knows, your shutterbug skills may one day land you a money minting opportunity. Stock websites have made it possible for passionate photographers to upload their photos and then market them on their behalf. Popular sites that accept stock photos include Fotolia, Photoshelter, Shutterstock, iStock, and, among others. But before posting your photo on any site, be sure to check for reviews to make sure you are doing business with a reputable business.


There could be several other ways showing how to hack money in your spare time, but the above are the top real money hacks if you are looking to leverage your skills or devices. 

They could also come in handy if you were hit by an unforeseen expenditure and you don’t have a fund to cover it. It is now up to you to take advantage of these ideas to keep yourself afloat.

What were your initial beliefs or ideas about making money online fast and easy? Do you know of any other interesting way you can make money online fast and easy? Share it with us in the comments section.

Fancy other ways to make money online? You can consider Facebook advertising, or learn about Affiliate Marketing or yet still consider getting into eCommerce using our eCommerce step-by-step guide

Here is our exciting new video below from our YouTube channel which will give you a general overview of several other ways you can start making money online

Give us your feedback. Are you currently involved in any of these areas? Share your experiences with us.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How much money do I need to invest in order to make money?

    The main difference between the real world and online is that you can make money with the latter without spending a dime. In most cases, you only need internet access, your skills, and a working device.

  2. How much money can I make online?

    To be honest, there is no single answer or figure as to what amount you can make online. It all depends on your savviness, opportunity, and activity. Some people learn but never take action, hence missing out on many opportunities

  3. I don’t have a product and don’t know how to sell, so how can I make money?

    As you may have noticed, some of the above money hacks require average skills. Some of them involve what you are doing on a daily basis. Moreover, you don’t have to have a product or sell anything

  4. Is there one best money-making hack?

    There are several great ways to earn money online. We have listed just a few of some of the best. What works best for you may not be the best for somebody else. You should also be wary of fraud and scams that promise quick money

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