Want Improved Marketing Results? Here Are The 2 Most Essential Internet Marketing Tools You Need

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Internet Marketing Tools

Get A Solid Foundation: Start With The Best Internet Marketing Tools

Congratulations on your desire to start an online business.

Irrespective of your motivation for making this decision, our goal here is to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we dive down to the showing you the two tools you need to get immediately, we want to be sure you have at least some basic knowledge of what this is all about.

First, this is not one of those get rich quick schemes where you may be under the illusion that there is a quick or magic formula you can apply and boom! You find yourself in cash.

Internet Marketing is about providing value through real products and services for the benefits of customers.

Once value is created, our customers are able to exchange money in appreciation of these services. We do not promote anything other than the plain and simple value exchange model on which business has thrived over the centuries.

Secondly, while stating that there is no magic formula for overnight success, what we also have to let you know upfront is that though some of the steps here may be described as easy or simple it still requires a persistent application to provide the good quality products and services that people would be willing to pay for.

This is by no means trivial.

Is it being done daily?

Yes –lots of people are doing it and being very successful at it.

We are also doing it and hence we can show you how it is being done too.

So will you find it challenging? Possibly yes. Like all new ventures, you have to be diligent and persist until you get what you want. Our experience shows that your success will depend to a large extent on the degree of your desire.

Many people give up before they achieve their goal.

But we are sure you won’t be one of those.

So think of why you are here seeking for a passive income online.

Are you tired of your current job?

Or are you frustrated with the limitations of your current employment

Perhaps not just being able to afford to pay for pressing financial commitments like having to take care of family or perhaps other unforeseen situations. Internet marketing can provide a veritable source of passive income for your varying needs.

In fact, many people start with internet marketing as a sort of side hustle but end up resigning their main jobs to make it full time.

This happens all the time.

Whatever your own reason for thinking about starting an internet marketing business we believe it can be worth your while if you really give it the seriousness it deserves.

Now that this is out of the way lets get down to business.

The first of the online marketing tools we will consider is to build a website.

Tool #1: Get A Self-Hosted Website

The easiest and simplest step anyone interested in starting an online business should take is to set up a web site. Period.

Seriously there are no two ways about that.

But why do you need a self-hosted website?

It is simple, having a website enables you to connect and reach the billions of users on the internet with your products and services. Whether they are on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or even on the business platform such as LinkedIn or yet on YouTube, having a website enables you to become connected with these global audiences and extend your reach beyond just your immediate locale.

That is a powerful tool for anyone, indeed such huge possibilities should tingle the ears of any serious business person.

But you may say I don’t have any product or service to promote. Indeed, besides the idea or promoting a product or service, having a website also gives you a voice to promote your idea or connect with people who share in your passion, hobbies or interests. Imagine if you were interested and in love with mountain climbing. You could easily set up a blog site in under 10 mins and start writing and sharing your passion with people all over the world who share in that passion too.

There is no greater feeling than the power of connection.

All that can be yours today by taking this very simple first step –set up your web site today.

And it has never been so easy getting a website. In fact, it is so easy and cheap that you can do that right now in under 30 minutes. No joking.

you can also see our detailed Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews here

Bluehost Web Hosting Internet Marketing Tool
BlueHost Web Hosting -Click To Sign Up

Think about it, just a few years ago, you had to spend a few thousand dollars to get a website up and running. It was not even sufficient to have the money you also needed to deal with web designers, developers, and a host of content writers before you could set up a web site.

All these you did before you even had to face your business that was the first reason you needed a website.

But that has changed within the space of a few years.

Thanks to the evolution of the underlying technology we no longer need to go through all those hassles.

In fact, with our recommended web hosting service provider (bluehost) you could get this done very affordably and in a flash.

Click on the green Button Below to Get Started.

You can also get started by following this link to set up your hosting account (all you would need is a nice domain name something like yourinterest.com) and you will be on your way. You even get your chosen domain name free with this heavily discounted special promotion package.

We recommend selecting a 2 or 3-year hosting plan to enjoy the maximum discount negotiated for you.

What is more?

We have also made the process easier by providing a step by step tutorial and get your web site up and running within a few minutes. But you first have to create your domain name and hosting account.

Once you have selected your domain and secured your hosting account, follow this step by step tutorial and set up your website. We promise it is a simple process and not complicated at all!

No need to be tech-savvy.

You will be surprised that as soon as you complete this you will already be way ahead in your dream of starting an internet business.

So what are you waiting for?

You really can do it and get started.

Follow this link to get your FREE domain name and set up your Bluehost self-hosting account right away (it opens in another window).

Thereafter, you can click here to follow our simple step by step tutorial to getting your website up and running in under 30 minutes,

When you are done, you can move to the next section of this article to discover the second of the two important internet marketing tools you would need to grow your business.

If you would like a more detailed review of Bluehost Web Hosting services click here

Tool #2 –Get An Online Email Marketing Service, Grow Your Email List

If there was any decision that has helped me and would have to make again and again as part of setting up my internet business it would be to immediately set up my email marketing tool. You need email marketing software to collect emails and grow your email list.

My own experience was particularly horrendous, In fact, if you want you could subscribe to our newsletter (see subscription box below) and get a copy of my eBook “The 5 Common Mistakes Internet Marketing Newcomers Make and How to Avoid Them” to learn more about some of my early experiences.

But thanks to some less than pleasant experiences people like you don’t have to go through them again.

One major strategy we have learned from our own experiences and from those of countless others is to start collecting emails from your potential customers (leads) from day one.

Constant Contact Internet marketing tools sign up page

You collect these email addresses when they visit your site and by offering them something (like the eBook above) in exchange for their emails.

Signing up for an email list management tool enables you to start cultivating your leads and offering them valuable content that will nurture them to become paying customers in the future.

Any experienced internet marketing practitioner would corroborate the importance of this activity. The next most important activity after setting up a website is the need for a top online marketing platform that can provide you with a reliable Web-based email marketing service.

Having an email list enables you to connect with a select group of people who have consented to also share with you your common passions, hobbies, and interests. Constant Contact automates this process and makes it stress-free to engage your leads.

Constant Contact also provides simple to use professional industry-leading email templates which makes sending email messages to your customers a very simple process.

This is especially useful for nontechnical people. You can thus get comfortable using it without having to spend loads of time climbing that steep learning curve as you may find with some other tools.

That is why we highly recommend Constant Contact as a suitable email marketing tool that meets these requirements. Apart from its robustness, it also has rich features that make it a veritable tool for all internet marketers.

Help grow your audience with Constant Contact email marketing

That is why many people whether you are a beginner or experienced find it very useful. In fact, it is an all in one internet marketing tool that you will continue to need to grow your business and connect with your customers.

Click on this link to sign up today for Constant Contact all in one email marketing tool. For a start, you can enjoy a FREE sixty-day (2 Months) special promotion offer.

This is a great offer to make this really easy for potential customers to get started.

So get started now and sign up.

As soon as you are done with the sign-up,  you can come back here and follow our simple step by step tutorial to getting it ready to collect leads and build your customer list.

To understand the importance of building an email list see our post “step by step guide to starting an email marketing Business”, our Step by Step Guide to Starting eCommerce Business or our simple step by step guide to Starting Affiliate Marketing.

All of these guides will help you understand why setting up an online email list is a vital part of the Internet marketing software tools you would need to successfully run your online business.

You already have your website. Great!

But you would also need to get this vital tool to ensure your online marketing efforts get the most reward. 

Here again, is the link to get you signed up and enjoy a robust email marketing tool, FREE for the first TWO MONTHS.

It couldn’t get any easier than this.  

Once you have signed up,  click HERE to follow our step by step tutorial which will guide you to get started.

Start converting your website visitors into actual customers. Get your email marketing campaign started from day one!

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