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Anyone interested in writing articles that sell must understand that a content marketing strategy must focus on growing a brand’s reputation and awareness.

So to ensure content marketing success one must take many things into consideration.

Content marketing is one of the surest ways to get some very targeted traffic to your website and build both brand awareness and reputation. 

Interestingly, it’s easy to learn and do and it won’t cost you a penny if you’re willing to do the work yourself.

There is a very low learning curve and since it’s free to do, it won’t cost you even if you do make a mistake or two in the beginning.

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A brief overview of writing a good article

As you may know, online search engines want to provide their customers with a good experience from their Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

That means that when someone does an online search, the search engines want to make sure that the SERP meets a person’s need –that is what they are looking for.

They only want the freshest, most accurate information.

If the search query is a question they want the best answer to that question!

This will keep their customers happy, which is what they ultimately want.

If you can provide that new, fresh content you will be rewarded by having your article appear at the top of the search engine results page for that keyword.

For example, if you’ve got a website that sells dog toys and you write a good article with the keyword ‘best dog toys’ your article can appear on the first page of results when someone types in the search term ‘best dog toys’.

Of course, the first thing you have to do is to pick a good keyword.

I can almost guarantee that the keyword I used in the example above is way too competitive for you to rank for on the first page of SERP.

There is a bit of a balancing act when it comes to finding a keyword to target.

You want a keyword that gets a reasonable number of monthly searches yet doesn’t have too much competition.

While there are no hard and fast rules a good guideline to follow is to find a keyword that gets at least 1,500 searches a month but has low competition.

So to increase your chances of success with content marketing your first step is to pick out several good keywords for your niche.

But you may ask how can you find out these good keywords that meet these criteria?

One way is to use such keyword research tools as SEMrush ( or Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 

Next, you’ll want to write several articles for each keyword.

If you have 10 good keywords that you’ll want to write 3-5 articles for each keyword.

I know there’ll be a little overlap in your articles since you’re using the same keyword, just try to make them as unique as possible.

You don’t need to write a novel, just help your readers learn a new skill or some new useful information. 

Make sure you proofread your article and check the spellings.

The only thing worse than a bad article is one that does not get read!

Insert your keywords or keyphrase in the title, the first, middle and last paragraphs. That should be plenty.

Don’t ‘stuff’ your article with keywords or it will be rejected.

The next thing to do is to submit your articles to article directories.

There are hundreds online to choose from but one of the best is

Don’t think of this like some publishing company that will turn you down.

As long as your article abides by the rules of the article directory, it will be published.

Although some of these directories are free to publish on, it could take a long time for your article to be reviewed and published.

For example, I am aware of one article someone sent for review since July last year which is still pending review!

So you must be patient and not be discouraged while waiting.

Summary: Content Marketing 

Although the steps for developing a good content marketing strategy have been outlined above, what has not been stated is how long it could take for your articles to start ranking on SERP pages.

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to apply to make your articles rank.

In addition to this, Google often changes its over 200 ranking factors and modifies its algorithms frequently.

That means the rules are continually changing!

Also, note that means you must continually revisit your articles to ensure they remain fresh and relevant.

If you follow the above simple steps you can ensure your content marketing strategy will be a success.

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