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Searching for the Best WordPress Membership Site Plugins

Choosing the right membership plugin is crucial because having a better platform means that you have more opportunity for growth. While WordPress membership site plugins vary in functionality and features we will be examining some of the best WordPress membership site plugins from which we can then pick the right one for our business

There are plenty of WordPress membership site plugins; however, not all of them have the specific features that you might need to create your membership site. Some of the plugins are good for selling subscriptions on a single level, while others provide various membership levels and subscription management features.

If you are considering building a membership site in WordPress, here are the top five best WordPress membership site plugins that can help you to create a paid membership site easily.

  1. MemberPress:

One of the best and most popular WordPress membership site plugins is MemberPress. It is also the simplest to use and, when it comes to features, it’s the most robust. MemberPress can automatically setup your pricing, login, account, and thank you pages for your members. It also contains powerful access control, which allows you to restrict access to any of the content on your site.

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2. LearnDash 

LearnDash is an extremely easy to use and flexible WordPress plugin. It is easy to set up and adding content to your site with LearnDash couldn’t be easier. It allows you to hide and content and restrict it to different groups of members easily, and comes with a powerful drip content feature that allows you to roll out content to members on a regular basis as well as in planned (scheduled) manner.

3. Teachable 

Teachable is an all-inclusive online course builder that includes Learning Management System (LMS), membership website, email marketing, discussion forum, and analytics all on one dashboard. The only drawback with Teachable is that it isn’t available as a plugin for WordPress; instead, you have to integrate it into your WordPress site by adding a subdomain or links. This therefore makes it a bit more cumbersome especially for newcomers to WordPress. Apart from the complexity, it also means additional cost to implement as it is most often requires paid technical hands. 

4. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro integrates beautifully with the WordPress user interface, which allows you to quickly figure out how to use it on your membership site. Unlike the other membership plugins out there, Restrict Content Pro comes with built-in integrations like PayPal, MailChimp, Stripe, and others. It is developer friendly and is one of the easiest to use. The easy integrations with the different platforms mentioned means you can save a lot of time in set up and management. This is definitely a contender for the easiest to use of the 5 listed.

5. S2Member 

A free WordPress membership plugin, S2Member also has a pro version available. The free version is limited concerning support and features, but it can give you a good starting point. The Pro version comes with content dripping, while the free version supports PayPal.

While there are many WordPress plugins for your membership site, these are some of the best ones for beginners to use. Make sure you thoroughly research each plugin option to ensure that you are getting the one that best suits your needs. Besides,even if you start with one, nothing stops you changing to another if you find it inadequate. Most of these having tools for data migration when changing from one tool to another. Furthermore, many of them also provide migration support.

We know this isn’t an exhaustive list of the Best WordPress membership site plugins by any chance. Plugins are being developed almost on a daily basis. You could start with exploring these and finding out more details depending on what your business requirements are.

Please share with us what you think. Are you using any of these plugins? What has your experience been like? Use the comments box below to share your feedback.

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