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repeat purchase

.Have you wondered what you could do as a freelancer to encourage your customers to patronize you again and again?

Well, there essentially two ways to get repeat purchase from your customers.

The first is passively.

If you do a good job some of them will return.

If you do a very good job a lot more of them will return

However, if you do an excellent job most of them will return.

Yes, although they will almost all return for the same or similar service, you have no control as to when they return.

They will return only when they next need a service you offer which may not be very frequent.

This is why the passive method won’t cut it as a strategy to get repeat purchase from your customers or as a way to develop loyalty.

So enter the active strategy of getting your customers to not only come when they need your service but also to seek of opportunities to promote your product to those around them.

This method is giving them a reason to either WANT to come back or think about others who they would want to come and patronize your services.

If you like, this is now like having a bunch of people who become willing ambassadors to promote your products or services.

So how do we get them to act in this way?

So here is a FRAMEWORK that I have created that should get your customers routing for you even when you are not there.

Although the picture I have used here is for knowledge workers in such platforms as Fiverr, the concept is applicable across other platforms and even brick and mortar services as well. You just go through and figure out how you can take the same strategy and adapt it to your own business area.

The Repeat Purchase Framework (RPF)

This a framework that gets your customers to make repeat purchases from you and ensures a continuous flow of repeat businesses from your existing customers.

What makes this framework unique?

It is a one-point contact which does not require you making follow up calls to the customers. The information you provide to them at the point of hands oof during their last service encounter is sufficient to cause them to act in your favour, thereby brining them back as repeat customers or sending referrals your way.

Creating the Framework

  1. Decide how much DISCOUNT you want to offer. From my experience, 20% is often appreciable enough an OFFER to cause people to act
  2. Decide how many DISCOUNT COUPONS you want to offer. I suggest 10 as a good number to start with although it depends on the number of clients you normally receive
  3. Decide the period of validity of your DISCOUN offer. Two weeks (14 days) are typical. Again, don’t overthink it.
  4. Decide which of your PREMIUM services you want to apply this framework to. Work out what the new value of applying the DISCOUNT percentage you decided in STEP #1
  5. Consult your platform service provider’s documentation to see if you can create DISCOUNT COUPONS for your services. For many of them such as Fiverr, you can.
  6. If you are unable to create the COUPONS within the platform, then contact them and ask if they can create DISCOUNT coupons for you. Give them the details from STEPS 1-4 above.

Implementing the FRAMEWORK:

  1. Complete a project or gig
  2. At the point of handover (such as at the point of your delivery on Fiverr), include the following text with your delivery message:

In appreciation of your patronage and to encourage your future patronage, I am offering you a 20% DISCOUNT when you order my premium Gig with the regular price of $X for the DISCOUNTED sum of $Y. However, to qualify for this discount, you must ACT FAST to be amongst the first 10 customers and your order must be received within the next 14 DAYS. Please QUOTE YK20 as your DISCOUNT CODE and only ONE order per customer qualifies for this OFFER

  1. Make a note of the DISCOUNT CODE and the expiration date. Also keep a count of how many people USE the code to request your services. Remember they may not be the ones coming back to take you on the offer but these may be their referrals who want to benefit from the offer

Now that I am writing this and thinking about SIMPLICITY, what if such a customer could forward such an offer to anyone else who the customer knows needs that service but not necessarily within the platform? That would be something wouldn’t it?

I guess that is some product improvement idea for anyone listening.

repeat purchase image1

Important CAVEAT

If you recall at the beginning of this post, while describing the passive process, I tied how many people returned to repurchase your service to the quality of the service you offer.

Well, if you check again, I never mentioned any thing like a bad or unacceptable service.

So although many creative problem creators can find many reasons not to try out this framework for the many reason they may list why it won’t work, there is only one reason why it won’t work.

And the good thing is that reason is well within your control.

The only reason this may not work is if you do not offer quality service,

My advice, please do not attempt this FRAMEWORK if even by your own personal assessment you are not giving your customers your very best.

I had an experience with a service provider yesterday.

I needed a service that required some background information. So to provide this information and being pressed for time, I recorded about 4 minutes audio explaining in great details what was requested.

I got a message back complaining about my ascent and asking I type out what I had sent via audio.

I then politely informed the provider that I did not have the time for that but gave two suggestions to play it back at a slower speed and also play it back a few times.

Of course, without trying any of the suggestions, the provider turned down the ob.

As service providers, our attitude more than our skills determines whether our business grows by how much and how fast it does.

And in a knowledge economy where many of the skills offered within the knowledge platforms are commoditized, every small advantage matters and can make a difference.

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How Frequently should you use this FRAMEWORK?

Between the two extremes of on one hand the mentality that I can’t give discount as what comes in is hardly enough and the other extreme where giving DISCOUNT has become the norm there is a place for a healthy balance.

Irrespective of any other considerations, I would suggest doing this promotion once a quarter would be a healthy place to start.

As this is also not a hard and fast rule, there is plenty of room for flexibility. Consider the following general rules:

  1. The first consideration could be for your first-time customers. Offering this to first time customers could be the best thing you do to grow your customer base.
  2. Offering this to your customers who have not patronized you say for the last 3-6 months as a one-time promotion
  3. Offer this to your PREMIUM gig clients, yes those paying you the big bucks
repeat purchase image2
The cost of acquiring new customers is usually greater than keeping existing ones,

I tried It and It Didn’t Work

Like other marketing strategies, if at first you don’t succeed tweak it. As I Have learnt recently from participating in the Your First Funnel Challenge, if it doesn’t work, it is either the “Hook, Story or the Offer” Since this does not contain any stories then we must tweak the hook or the offer.

So, try varying the offer in the following ways:

  • Change the DISCOUNT percentage. If this is the problem then it only means it is not high enough so if you can afford to give out more, increase the DISCOUNT percentage
  • Tweak the products or services. So, try making the offer on a different service or product. Think about the next service the customer may need after the current one they just purchased and make the offer on that next product. If you don’t hae it, go and create it. That is a business growth opportunity right there.
  • Change the validity of your DISCOUNT period. If for example your products or services are only consumed in a 30-day time frame, then they may be unlikely to benefit from taking up your 14- Day offer. So, play around with that figure based on how your products and services are consumed
  • Quality of service: I was hoping I won’t have to mention this but of course it is worth the mention. Think about how much more you can offer as enhancing your services and products so your customer’s experience is second to none. That might just be the key to unlocking your customer’s appetite for more of your products or services.

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The Repeat Purchase Framework for freelancers, is just one of the many ways we seek to serve our customers by giving them incentives to come back to us. It is based on delivering the best quality services and on that basis earning further right to serve.

I would be curious to hear from you how the pre-completed Custom Orders perform.

Comparing similar marketing stats of similar practices one can expect between 10 – 14% uptake for them. Please share your experience on the numbers when you implement the framework.

If you find this helpful you can also share this article with your friends and colleagues.


Developing this Repeat Purchase Framework was done as part of an assignment to participating in Russel Brunson’s 2 comma club live experience. I got this as a participant in the Funnel Hackers Program following the just concluded Funnel Challenge.

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