How to Generate Insurance Leads on Facebook – A definitive Guide


generate insurance leads on facebook

How to Generate Insurance Leads on Facebook – A definitive guide.

Wondering how to generate Insurance leads on Facebook but can’t figure out where to start?

You have come to the right place.

According to the State of Marketing Trends 2023 publication, 64% of marketers used Facebook to market their businesses successfully.

More than half the marketers are using this platform, so it’s safe to say that it’s generating leads.

However, one thing that nearly 20% found challenging was creating content that generated leads.

And that’s exactly where the problem lies. While most of us know how to get onto Facebook and create our profiles, we fail to generate the right content that can help generate insurance leads on Facebook.

Not after we tell you our trade secrets. This article will give you all the right details, from making content to using sponsored ads to effectively generating insurance leads on Facebook.

Create a Facebook Businesses Page:

By now, you already have a Facebook Business page, and you have posted a few things here and there but haven’t yielded any benefits. Well, you will get there eventually. For now, you need to make sure that your business page aligns perfectly with your brand. It must provide all relevant information that a client may need when reaching out to you for insurance.

Leverage Facebook’s Look-alike audience feature:

Next comes targeting the audience. Facebook has a really cool feature called LookAlike. It is a powerful tool that generates a look-alike audience for you on its own.

All you have to do is upload an existing customer lead, such as an email list or phone numbers etc. The feature analyzes the data of these existing customers, like their demographics, interests, online behaviour patterns and more, and then generates a similar audience base. This audience is new and shares the same interests as your existing customers.

Create lead-generating content:

There are two things that make any content good. The content itself and the way it is presented.

Let’s talk about the content first.

–      Create resonating content.

People are quick to follow if they can resonate with the content you post. Even if the content provided doesn’t add much value, since the audience can resonate with it, they will go out of their way to follow you.

–      Provide value-added content.

When you provide valuable information in your content, you are also adding value to your audience’s time, which they spend looking through your content. This shows your good willingness and helpfulness, which people often associate with expertise. This may increase brand awareness which is a good way to generate leads organically.

–      Building trust and credibility with content:

Create educational, factual content and gives your audience information about the industry that they won’t have otherwise. This builds credibility and fosters trust among your audience, which is the first thing people come looking for when buying insurance. So you have laid the foundation, and now it’s all about waiting for the right time when your customer needs the insurance.

–      Create Engaging content:

Once you have built credibility and have built a relationship, it’s time to keep your audience engaged by nurturing the relationship. This is a subtle way to keep in touch with your prospects and remind them that you are right here whenever the client is ready to make a decision about purchasing insurance.

Let’s now talk about how the content must be presented.

A 2023 marketing trends report suggests the most used form of content was Reels and short videos. While those also work well to lure possible leads to your page, they are not the only lead-generating content viewing formats.

–      Tap into the Facebook Live feature.

Facebook Live is a feature that helps you live-stream and connect with your audience. You can also co-host the live stream with relevant businesses to generate better leads. Audiences can question, chat, and get answers to their queries live. This builds a very engaging and healthy relationship that works best for both parties.

–      Engage in stories.

Talking about engaging, there is no feature that does it better than stories. You can be more casual and carefree in your stories compared to other content forms. This is where the client can really know you and the brand. Here’s where you can interact and engage with the crowd. You can have QnAs, or you can familiarize the audience with your services. You can also use it to promote special offers and discounts.

The best thing about it is that it disappears within 24 hours.

Utilize Facebook’s Lead Ads:

Facebook has its own lead generation feature, which can come in real handy when looking to generate insurance leads on Facebook. It works pretty much like an ad, but its CTA (call to action) is filling a form by choosing pre-filled options, making it easier for them to show interest. This form usually includes personal information like number, email or name etc. The best part about this feature is that it does not include lengthy forms that hasten the prospects. Instead, the forms are super easy and quick to fill, with literally a few clicks.

how to generate insurance leads on facebook
mobile phones can be used to generate leads on Facebook

Try Facebook ads:

If organic content is not producing enough leads, it’s best to try out Facebook ads, which is a good way to boost lead generation. Facebook has a lot of in-built ad tools that help create parameters and target your audiences accordingly.

Optimize landing pages:

When using Facebook ads, you will need fully optimized landing pages that resonate with your brand’s style and story. This is where the customer can be given a clear CTA, which, if completed successfully, will take them further down the conversion funnel.

Ensure the landing pages are easy to read, with the Call to Action in sight. The less complicated the landing page design, the better, so the customer doesn’t lose its focus elsewhere.

The landing pages should be visually pleasing with a persuasive tone and a clear CTA used for easy conversions.

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Use Messenger to market:

Be available on Messenger. It’s seldom that anyone buys insurance without making real talk with an agent. This is reason enough to always be available on messenger and answer the queries of the prospects. The more you interact with them, the better it is for getting leads. However, there may be instances where you may not be able to interact with a prospect right away. For that, you can integrate chatbots that can chat on your behalf. They can be trained to make small conversations and answer frequently asked queries.

Participate in relevant Facebook groups:

Most Facebook groups are a closely-knit community of people who extend support to each other. You can do the same. Extend support to people, help them where needed, and soon you will emerge as a reliant person.

You can establish yourself as a trusted authority by providing valuable insights, answering questions, and sharing relevant information. This helps build credibility and positions you as a go-to resource for insurance-related matters, increasing the likelihood of generating insurance leads on Facebook.

You can also create your own group where you can extend support and be useful to the public. You can also provide consultations and referrals via groups.

Some groups that may be interested in insurance are real estate and homeowners groups, parenting and family groups, travel and adventure groups, retirement planning groups, small businesses and entrepreneurs groups, personal finance and investment groups etc.


Using the power of Facebook to generate insurance leads can be a highly effective strategy if approached strategically. By implementing the aforementioned tactics, you can maximize your lead generation efforts and achieve significant results.

Utilizing Facebook’s targeting capabilities, such as Look-alike audiences, allows you to reach a wider audience with similar characteristics to your existing customers or leads. This increases the chances of engaging with individuals who are genuinely interested in insurance and more likely to convert into leads.

Creating engaging content is key to capturing the attention and interest of your target audience. By providing valuable and relevant information, establishing trust, and fostering relationships, you can position yourself as an authority in the insurance industry. This not only generates leads but also builds long-term customer relationships.

Optimized landing pages play a vital role in converting Facebook ad traffic into leads. Clear messaging, compelling CTAs, and streamlined lead capture forms help create a seamless user experience and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Furthermore, Facebook groups offer a unique opportunity to engage with the targeted audience and establish yourself as a trusted advisor. By participating in relevant groups, sharing valuable insights, and offering assistance, you can generate leads through lead magnets, consultations, referrals, and partnerships.

To conclude, harnessing the potential of Facebook for insurance lead generation requires a thoughtful combination of targeted audience targeting, engaging content creation, optimized landing pages, and active participation in relevant groups. By implementing these strategies, you can unlock the full potential of Facebook as a powerful lead-generation platform for your insurance business.

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